Hi! Your blog seems lovely! And so do you! Take care (: -love

Thanks bub :D Your blog’s pretty brilliant as well! Have a lovely day, stay beautiful! -peace 

I'm lost and confused. My boyfriend has a lot of girls who hit on him, and I don't know how to handle it. The girls annoy me. What does your calm soul do?

Hey, you’re not lost, you’re here. You’re boyfriend is probably worth being hit on, don’t you think? Other people probably see in him what you do. Good thing he’s YOUR boyfriend. Remember that you can’t tell him who to be friends with, but you can express the way you feel. Be open and honest with him and hopefully he’ll reciprocate, and the rest will fall into place. Communication is a necessity in healthy, happy relationships. I wish you the best, beautiful :)


That moment when you pull a sweater out of your closet and it still smells like campfire.

It’s by the light
Of the plasma screens
We keep switched on
All through the night while we sleep

There’s nothing you can do for them
They are the force between
When the sunlight is arising

There’s nothing you can say to her
I am without a heart
And the space has been broken

Broken, our love, broken
Broken, our love, broken

Gorillaz = pure genius